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Hans Hornberger

Camera Operator | BVK Drone Pilot FPV Pilot


Whiteroom Productions
Jakob Schweighofer
Hans Hornberger, Jakob Schweighofer, Simon Platzer, and many more
Drone Pilot
Hans Hornberger, and others

A borderline experience between courage and commitment.

What happens when your motivation grabs you? When your goal doesn’t release its grip? You push your courage to the limit? How long can you last?
The professional mountaineer Michi Wohlleben from Germany has set the bar high. He wants to cross the entire Wetterstein Ridge non-stop without a break. 70 kilometers and 7000 meters altitude difference of exposed and brittle ridge climbing lie before him. In addition to strength and endurance, mental stamina and concentration are especially important in order to be able to move through this demanding alpine terrain over such a long period of time. Mistakes are not allowed.
For months before the project start, he undergoes a hard, structured training schedule. Discipline is needed to sustain the recurring training sessions that are gradually increasing. He learns to stay focused and agile, even when his body is screaming with exhaustion. Because that is what the Wetterstein Ridge demands of him.