Hans Hornberger

Hans Hornberger

Outdoor Cinematographer
Multicopter Pilot
360VR Specialist

Outdoor Cinematographer, Drone Operator, 360VR Specialist


Hans Hornberger grew up in the close climbing community of the bavarian alps. During his youth he combined his passions for alpinism and filmmaking and started to accompany professional athletes on their travels and expeditions to document the adventures they go through.

In 2010 he finished a two year education at FGV Schmidle, one of Munich's best camera rentals. Today Hans works as freelance cinematographer, multicopter pilot, 360 VR specialist and timelapse photographer focused on outdoor sports.

Frank Kretschmann


Arri Alexa Plus/Studio/M; Red One, Red Epic/Scarlet/Dragon/Weapon; Sony F35/F23; Sony HDW750/ PDW700; Sony PMW EX1/EX3; Canon C300; Canon 5D MKIII/7D

Arricam ST/LT; Arriflex 535; Arriflex 435/ES/X; Arriflex 235

Arriflex 416/416plus/416hs; Arriflex SR3/SR3 hs

Stereo 3D
Various S3D Rigs with Red cameras

DJI Inspire 2, Inspire 1, Phantom Serie, Mavic, TBS Vendetta Racing drone

360 VR
Self developed systems with Red Dragon, Canon 5DS, GoPro Hero4; Z-Cam S1 Pro; POV-Camera

Outdoor Skills

Rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, bigwall climbing, slacklining, highlining, skitouring, freeriding, paragliding, speedflying, speedriding, skydiving, mountainbiking, cave exploring