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Hans Hornberger

Camera Operator | BVK Drone Pilot FPV Pilot

Place of Happiness

Frank Kretschmann
Frank Kretschmann, Hans Hornberger
Hans Hornberger
Franz Walter

Mayan Smith-Gobat and Ben Rueck climbing the route 'Place of Happiness' (5.12d, 18 pitches) on Brazil's highest Monolith called Pedra Riscada, first opend by Stefan Glowacz and his team in 2009. Aiming to climb the rock dome in a one-day push on their first attempt is impossible because of high temperatures and the risk of dehydration.

After one day of rest and rehydration Mayan and Ben make it 'til around 50 meters before completing this 850 meters long route. But then they follow their instinct and decide to descend again due to darkness and a dangerous because slippery slab. For Mayan and Ben it was a wonderful experience and a place of happiness.

Behind the scenes